Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are known for their fascinating aura and thrilling sex appeal. Clark Gable, Paul Newman, and John Travolta are good examples. Friendship is an important value for an Aquarian man, and he is usually looking to befriend a girl who shares his progressive views.

They say that the mind is the greatest sex organ, and you might feel that way if you’re being courted by an Aquarius male. They lead with their high voltage personality and follow with promises of excitement and explosive pleasures. They are oddly detached and crave the unusual. In some ways, you can think of this man as an alien from outer space studying Earth ways. If you want to keep him in your orbit, act like the Sun. Be warm and attractive. And don’t be surprised by his fetish for friendship. When the Aquarian man introduces you as his best friend, you know he’s head over heels. Don’t be misled by the distance he puts between you. You can count on his loyalty when the chips are down.

Aquarian men seem to fall into two categories: either a rebel or a team player. More than likely he’s also some sort of genius. The male Aquarian boss can be anywhere from eccentric to genuinely off-the-wall. You may get so little direction that it’s actually frightening, if you see him at all. He is more likely to call in, plug in, or text in than to grace you with his physical presence. He loves machines and devices and will enjoy updating your office technology on a regular basis. Employee Aquarian men will probably be short-lived in any one position. Sooner or later something ticks them off and away they go with a chip on their shoulder. To bring out the best in an Aquarian man, make him feel like he’s an important and equal group member and give him lots of space to be himself and speak his mind. He just may stick around under the right circumstances.

Aquarian men live in the future and are here to channel higher energy onto the planet. Their spiritual path is to surrender to this purpose and develop their individuality so that their voice is a pure trumpet call to action. Aquarius male is the awakener, here to throw cold water on sleepy faces, and even shock if necessary to produce desired results.

The mad scientist, the freaky friend, the crazed revolutionary are all descriptions of the Aquarius man gone bad. This sign, noted for its humanitarian devotion, can be utterly callous and ignore those closest to him. Aquarius men can be so devoted to the future that the present does not exist and the past is something to be mocked. Good male Aquarius energy is electrifying; bad Aquarius energy is just disruptive.