Aries Ascendant

Every Aries Rising is at the head of his own imaginary parade, dancing to his own drummer and dreaming of inspiring others with his daring and courage.

Whether guy or gal, what Aries Rising has not secretly thrilled to these words … “Space… the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Somehow this universe must be included in the here and now of every Aries Rising’s personal journey on Starship Earth.

First of all, your Soul Mates… in ancient astrology, they went much more by Rising Signs. Others with the same Rising Sign constituted your cohort or traveling companions in life.

Those with Aries Rising include John Lennon, Shakira, Isabelle Adjani, Heath Ledger, Nostradamus, Stephen Arroyo, Bach, Brahms, Joan Baez, Pos, Barbara Streisand, Tesla, Richard Burton, Louis Armstrong, Eva Peron, Bo Derek, Stevie Nicks, Houdini, Shaq, Gordon Brown, John D. Rockefeller, Martina Navratilova, Benjamin Franklin, Isadora Duncan, Spinoza, Chris Rock, Ariel Sharon, Catherine de Medici, Errol Flynn (guess what his Sun sign is*), St. Theresa of Avila, Vladimir Nabokov, Proclus, Annie Besant, Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Walt Whitman, Henry the Navigator, Gurudev, Adze Mixxe, Siti Nurhaliza, Mario Lanza and Billy Graham.

What matters to Aries Rising is initiative, courage, winning and moving ahead into the future in some kind of pioneering way. There is the desire for a certain kind of leadership. Notice how many of the people listed above are “stand alones”. They are so prominent in their fields, only one name is used to recognize Nostradamus, Houdini, Tesla, Posh, Shaq and Shakira.

Your Ascendant tells you what experiences in life to choose in order to grow. Choose opportunities that allow you to conquer your own fears, surpass your own previous achievements, and that are appropriate to your current growth level. Benjamin Franklin, inventor, diplomat and statesman would be a good example as well as the phenomenal financier John D. Rockefeller.

If used negatively, Aries Rising can overcompensate for insecurity by being aggressively competitive. They can push themselves prematurely, forcing unnecessary failure. They may also be so brash and selfish as to drive away the ones they love and are trying to please.

It’s critical to Aries Rising to understand the difference between winning and growing, speed and flow, respect and fear, domination and preeminence.

Depending on the sign and house of your Sun, you must pull these positive experiences towards you in order to grow. Look for opportunities that are the right size of challenge. You can’t stand still but you have to walk before you can run. If you want to take leadership opportunities, be someone worth following.

You also want to be the first in terms of pioneering and moving the mark ahead. Henry the Navigator, prince of Portugal, conquered the first Moorish town in North Africa in 1415, opening up all of Africa for exploration to all of Europe.

When centered and in touch, Aries Rising is accountable only to him or herself and willing to be brutally honest in the process.

Your Rising Sign also describes your physical appearance. Aries Rising is often characterized by a small scar of the face form some misadventure early in life (!). The forehead is prominent. There is a tendency to wavy reddish hair growing back off the forehead. Aries Rising likes to walk the perimeters of any new place and throw open doors and windows.
* Errol Flynn’s Sun is in Gemini