Aries Man

The Aries man is the most masculine male of the Zodiac, the manliest man. If you’re Jane looking for Tarzan, you’ve found him. There is no one more romantic or more prepared to sweep you off your feet than an Aries male.

Ardent and passionate, an Aries man can make your romantic dreams come true. He is ready to court and always at his best in a love relationship. He will plan ahead, make Saturday night special, bring flowers, open the door, drive you, protect you, adore you, and return you home safely at a witching hour. If he sets his mind to winning your hand, it will be hard not to give in. If you are out to catch an Aries man, be very feminine. This gives him a chance to slip into his role of pursuer.

Every Aries man is really an entrepreneur at heart. He has the nerve, the verve, the ambition, the drive, and the impatience. The Aries man is a natural goal-setter and achiever who competes best against himself. He is not noted for his cooperative nature or patience with others. Seen Donald Trump on The Apprentice? Your male Aries boss got the same management training. He’s outspoken, brash, brimming with confidence, never unsure and seldom wrong. The Aries man as an employee is likely to be unhappy and should be working his way up and out as soon as possible. Most Aries men have trouble respecting anyone above them and they usually find a way to justify their attitude. It is not unusual for an Aries man to jump from job to job.

No one enjoys life more spontaneously and directly than the Aries male. Whether he’s cheering his favorite football team or taking his car to the detailer, he is 100% present and in the moment. There is no past. There is no future. There is only the now moment. Every Aries man walks into the room with electrifying aliveness. It is pretty impossible not to respond to this vivacious energy.

The shadow of Aries men is fearful and threatening. The Aries male run amok can be tyrannical, selfish, infantile, and mean-tempered. Shouting matches and pissing contests are relished by the Aries male on steroids who must shoot his way out of every saloon. Too much testosterone is the issue here. Sexual conquest without a feeling component is another indication of negative Aries male energy.