Cancer Man

Cancer Male

Nurturing and comfort are so associated with women, that it is especially surprisingly and delightful to meet a Cancer man with these qualities. If you are looking for a mate to be in touch with your feelings, this is your guy. And to boot, Cancer men are known for their beguiling sense of humor.

Are you a good cook? That’s a start. Cancer men are known to be suckers for a delicious meal. They also prefer a well-appointed home. He’ll especially appreciate it if you can handle money well. And be careful not to criticize him. He’s extremely sensitive. Get to know and try to like his mother. She is likely to be the most important woman in his life. If you’re not comfortable with that, move on. Cancer men are the rescuers of the Zodiac. It’s okay to cry and tell him your sad story. In fact, it adds to your appeal. A Cancer man can offer emotional protection once he comes out of his shell to bond. One more thing: have you ever seen a crab grab hold of something? Once attached, these lovers are slow to let go.

The male Cancer boss can be a dream come true. He will make the office like a home. He’ll be supportive of your emotional and financial growth. He really cares whether you’re happy or not and may even suggest you choose a custom-designed ergonomic chair to fit your special needs. A male Cancer boss is likely to be very successful which means job security and a positive future for you. The male Cancer employee will probably care about what he is doing and work especially well with the female employees. He can be sensitive to the needs of customers, has a soothing presence if they become irate, and presents a calming influence.

The spiritual path of the Cancer male is to learn to feel safe in the world and accepted for just being himself. The core security of belonging will need development. It begins with belonging to a family, then a community, and ultimately the human race. It centers on feeling unconditionally accepted and loved. When feeling secure, the Cancer man extends this feeling to those around him, creating a bond of familiarity and comfort in all his interactions.

If unbalanced, the Cancer male can be more whiny and emotional than any woman and cling unfairly to his mother or expect to be mothered by his wife. He may make an exchange between emotional and financial security, putting his feelings in a shell, withholding emotions, and pursuing money in a cold and calculated manner. Nagging is also a sign of an afflicted Cancer male. There is also the tendency to take comfort in food.