Capricorn Female

Capricorn women are ambitious and resourceful and thrive at home as well as in business. They have a serious and cautious nature and are not prone to emotional displays. They hide their gentle hearts under the guise of stern authority.

Capricorn women can be shy and feel unattractive. They need a partner who is more relaxed and spontaneous to get the ball rolling. She wants to be told that she will be taken care of and respected and that shelter will be provided against the cold, cruel world. These are more attractive to her than passion, lavish gifts, or words of flattery and seduction. Don’t be a fool and think you can get past her high standards. She knows the real thing. What she’s really looking for is someone of appropriate social stature and sound character who will be a good provider. Most Capricorn women are family-oriented and want a partner who will help their children get ahead.

Wherever you find a Capricorn female, she is trying to make it to the top. Chances are she will get there. Capricorn women don’t always have to be the leader, but they do always have to be upwardly mobile and going for the best. Female Capricorns need to be in a serious environment with mature individuals. They don’t shirk from responsibility, and they’re not afraid to take on authority. The female Capricorn employee provides stability in the work environment and contributes to a no-nonsense productive day. Don’t distract them with pep talks, parties, reward incentive programs, or fancy titles without pay advancement. They are at work to get ahead. Pay them well and stay out of their way, and you can reap the rewards of their hard work. The Capricorn woman as a boss will be ideal. She will have good boundaries, and you can count on her to know who is really doing the work and how to reward them.

Capricorn women need to learn to bow to a higher power. Their path is to learn humility. The tendency is to take on all the burdens of the world and forget that these can be turned over to the universe. It is their nature to forget sometimes that there is a God who is in charge of everything and who has a plan whether she can understand it or not. Faith is also an important spiritual quality that should be cultivated.

Contemptuous and menacing describe the shadow of over-ambitious Capricorn women. This lady can be ruthless, cold, manipulative, harsh, judgmental, and withholding of love and approval for all the wrong reasons. Humiliation, shame, and guilt are the handmaidens of the female Capricorn gone bad.