Capricorn Man

Capricorn men can be fatherly and protective. If you are looking for someone to grow old with, he is a great bet. The goat will continue his affection through the years with eyes for no one but you.

The symbol for Capricorn is the goat, a rather lusty animal. This is a physical sign that enjoys long, leisurely lovemaking. A capricorn man will provide a safe place for this to occur, making sure that the door is locked, windows closed, and no one will interrupt. Capricorn men are attracted to ladies. No cheap clothes or low cut blouses. He’s looking for a class act, and may also be trying to improve his social status through marriage. Deep down inside every Capricorn man is shy and unsure of his attractiveness. Be aware of his fear of rejection. Don’t play hard to get.

The workplace is where Capricorn men shine. The male Capricorn boss is likely to be the personification of an authority figure. He may be stern, but he also gives thorough instructions, takes the time to explain things patiently, and usually does things right the first time. There is little waste with a male Capricorn boss, and you will be handsomely rewarded with money for a job well done. Make a mistake and he’ll be amazingly forgiving, but only the first time. A Capricorn male sets the gold standard for employees: diligent, committed, and serious. He may be the only guy in the office who isn’t updating his Facebook page every time you turn your back on him.

Capricorn men are the initiating priests of the Zodiac. Their job is to prepare others to succeed in the outer world. They share their knowledge and expertise regarding climbing the ladder of success and wise distribution of resources. This includes prodding the strong and protecting the weak. The spiritual path of the Capricorn man is to learn to ask for help. They tend to scapegoat themselves and take the blame for everything. They are learning to turn their fears and guilt over to the Higher Power.

You’ve never met a control freak until you’ve met a Capricorn man gone bad. They’re judgmental, contemptuous, and cold. This sign may be accused of using people and can be terribly snobby. Have you ever felt rejected for not being good enough? That’s a taste of bitter Capricorn male energy. High standards are upheld at the expense of hurt feelings and damaged egos.