Gemini Man

Gemini Male

Every Gemini male has kissed the Blarney stone. You may find yourself charmed, even mesmerized by his quick wit, mercurial temperament, and trendy demeanor. Your Gemini man is up to date, street smart, savvy, and sophisticated.

Gemini men are flirtatious and charming, known for courting with their words. If you want to keep him interested, do not be predictable or try to pin him down. This is the sign of twins, and when you get involved with a Gemini man, you’re actually involved with two personalities. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t met his other twin yet. Sooner or later, you will. The only question is, whether you’ve been interacting with the good one or the bad one. If you’re looking for a sensual experience, you may become frustrated with Gemini men’s tendency to talk more than act. Their ability to detach is fascinating, but some people will experience it as cold and scary.

Gemini men need to work in a quick-paced, changing atmosphere with the ability to interact with as many different people as possible. Never bore a male Gemini. Good fields include sales, service, anything computer-related, and any job that demands up-to-date information. If the task is gathering or disseminating news, a Gemini man is sure to be on top of it. Your male Gemini boss could be hard to keep up with. He may change direction 20 times a day and expect you to keep up with the circles of his reasoning. He is not likely to be a stickler for detail, and he is among the most forgiving of people, not because of his compassion so much as his disinterest in follow-through. The Gemini man as an employee can be hard to keep track of. One minute he’s there, the next he’s somewhere else. If not physically, for sure mentally. He may remind you of Radar on M*A*S*H: finishing your sentences, getting in your head, and multi-tasking to work all the gadgets in the office.

There is a little bit of wizard in every Gemini man. They have a magical ability to create a reality with words. Like all the double signs, these gentlemen live in two different worlds. While it is natural for these natives to split their personality traits and double-think everything, spiritual enlightenment can only be found through integration. Calm the mind and focus on the concept of oneness: one world, one reality, one self.

The trickster archetype comes through loud and clear with an afflicted Gemini man. He may devolve to the point of talking out of both sides of his mouth while tap dancing, smiling, and using sleight of hands all at the same time. Inside every Gemini male is an entire traveling circus act which an unbalanced Gemini man can lose control of, exhausting himself and others in the long run. He may become so lost in possibilities that he rides off in many directions at one time, confuses thinking about something with doing it, and becomes incapable of prioritizing which leads to panic, anxiety, sleepless nights, and general chaos.