Leo Female

The Leo woman is the queen of the Zodiac. She has royal prerogatives and a regal air. She is a ferocious protector and champion of the underdog who brings home the lion’s share.

Every Leo woman is a love goddess in love with love. She can be lost playing the prom queen. She may do this with high drama or melodrama, but the drama will be there for sure. Expect to write your courtship large and proclaim your undying loyalty to the heavens to impress this regal lady. Bring lavish gifts, speak lavish praise, plan lavish courtship rituals, and you will reap lavish rewards. There is nothing small or cheap about the Leo woman. She expects to be courted with a full court press. She is probably right because you are bound to have many rivals for her hand. Be generous with your time, money, love, and affection, and she will return your investment tenfold.

Contrary to popular opinion, many Leo women are workaholics. If you hire a Leo woman, you will have someone to run the place for you. She is as loyal as can be and the epitome of organization. She will persevere and carry through no matter how difficult the task or how long it takes to fulfill her own sense of honor and to please you. The only mistake you can make is not showing her appreciation for her outstanding performance. Leo women are only lazy when they are recharging their batteries, like the lioness preparing for the hunt. The female Leo boss may need her feathers fluffed and a constant stream of compliments to keep her creativity and productivity high. For best results, please don’t upstage her when she celebrates her victories and you will share privately in her largesse…

Every Leo woman is on a spiritual quest, looking for the Holy Grail. Life is a journey of discovery and revelation for the creative Leo female whose real desire is to worship the Creator with acts of creation. Joy and celebration are the hand maidens in this process. When you are feeling self-conscious, detached, lost in a group, disheartened, or timid, a dose of female Leo’s vital energy saves the day.

How do you know when a Leo female has gone bad? It’s like high school all over again. Every supposed slight, every chance mishap, every encounter with the opposite sex is acted out again for a captive audience of patient and loyal girlfriends who have been chosen because they know how to react with shock, awe, disgust, horror, grief, or praise at all appropriate moments. A mature Leo woman is the rare adult with a wonderful sense of awe and childish delight, but the immature lions are stuck in the hell of adolescence