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Leo Male

Male Traits

It is pretty hard to feel down around a Leo man. His energy makes you want to stand tall, be your best, and do him proud. After all, a Leo man is the king of the Zodiac.

You may think heís looking for a queen to share control of the realm, but donít be fooled. A male Leo is usually on the prowl for a supremely loyal subject. In return for your fealty and obeisance, you get to sit on the throne next to him and enjoy the splendor of all he surveys. Leo men can be overwhelming in courtship because they are so romantic and know just how to please. Expect him to be generous beyond belief Ė with praise, attention, lavish gifts, and elaborate plans for the future. These are among the most faithful men in the Zodiac if they are happy. Ironically, to attract a highly conventional Leo man, you need to be eccentric (a little off the wall and completely unpredictable), maybe even a little bit crazy.

Leo men are found in creative fields where personal effort makes a difference. They are highly motivated by the desire to make a personal contribution and are rewarded by knowing they made a difference. They are perhaps more motivated by appreciation than money, but still a king likes to have a fancy palace and royal attire. The Leo man, as a boss, can be accused of posturing and pomposity, but somehow itís pretty easy to forgive because he is so generous and warm. Tell him that everything is in order in the kingdom, and heíll kick back to recharge his batteries, giving you some time of your own. The male Leo employee is amazingly hard-working, dedicated, loyal, and successful. Keep him in the loop and heíll outperform every time. Ignore him and youíll have a mutiny in the making.

The spiritual path of the Leo man is the quest for the Holy Grail. Spirituality is the very core and center of his being. He is especially in touch with the ability to celebrate life. Most Leo men have a creative project or two into which they pour their life force in recognition of the gift of life. These Leo males imitate the Creator in pursuit of their own creativity, which is abundant. Having children may make him feel closer to the divine.

Afflicted male Leos can be in love with love for the sake of the drama and the attention. If unbalanced, they worship at the altar of self and their life revolves around their ego. Sometimes itís all just an act. Itís his world and youíre just a puppet in the show. Heís oriented towards the audience to such a degree he doesnít realize thereís anything else in life to worry about. Needy Leo men may be so desperate for the abject devotion of a loyal subject they marry beneath them, ensuring that control of the realm is never in doubt.

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