Libra Female

Libra women are natural leaders and great partners. They are able to experience another’s viewpoint and anticipate his needs in a way that no other sign can. She is calm, cool, and collected, a good strategist, and an accurate sounding board. Life is a mirror and when you look in the eyes of this woman you will find an accurate reflection of your strengths and weaknesses.

Libra women absolutely revel in the superficial trappings of love. Don’t be fooled by their logical and calculating demeanor. They are bound to fall for charm and good looks. Many Libra women prefer appearance over substance and have to learn through experience that sometimes there is too high a price to pay for a pretty package. Libra females value reciprocity, good manners, and they really, truly expect you to read their minds. Read that last sentence over again. They really, truly expect you to read their minds. If you can’t read her mind, she will think you are not her true love.

Libra women adore working in partnership. Even if she is your administrative assistant, call her associate or colleague and she will perform at maximum efficiency. She prefers to work in beautiful surroundings, preferably tastefully decorated. She wants to contribute to your success and considers herself your equal, so you must give her an opportunity to present feedback, and for heaven’s sake listen to what she has to say. Be sure to treat a Libra woman fairly, for this is her core value. The female Libra boss can be ideal. She has a natural sense of authority, is a good strategist, and a just administrator. Who could ask for more? Libra women are noted for their ability to manage people and are born diplomats.

It was a big day when human beings graduated from vengeance to justice. Libra presides over this quality of moral development, mediating emotions and intellect. Many cultures attribute the workings of the universe to Libra, emphasizing that the harmony of the planets, for example, is maintained by a justifying equilibrium. Libra rules moral dilemmas and many of these Libra women find themselves in triangles to work out issues that separate humans from other creatures. Libra is karma, the Golden Rule, walking a mile in the other guy’s shoes, the entire social fabric, and everything that saves life from being nasty, brutish, and short.

Libra women at their worst are passive aggressive and don’t know who they are except in relationship to others. They can think too much and act too little. Balance gives way to paralysis. Their ability to detach may lead them to be cold, heartless, and blind in the worst way. Diplomacy can be confused with insincerity and deception. Unconscious female Libras are unaware of their own agenda which they disguise with a sweet appearance and flowery words and justify with convoluted rationalization.