Libra Man

The Libra man was born to form a partnership: business, social, or romantic. He lives to partner up. Be prepared for equal responsibility, and intelligent feedback is a must. The Libra man is looking for an intellectual connection even more than a physical one.

The Libra man is looking for a mirror. This is an act of devotion to which he will commit endless hours of exploration and testing. He wants the best mirror he can find. If you want to keep this man, you must align with his goals, think like he thinks, and reassure him that you will cover his back at all times. Be sure to have a plan for the future and let him know that you are signing on to his one hundred percent. It is very demanding to be the partner of a Libra male because you are expected to think as one. To attract a male Libra, be strong! Know what you want and speak your mind.

Libra men are great strategists. They are as aggressive as their counterpart Aries, but their mind is the weapon of choice for achieving goals. The male Libra boss must be approached with logic, not emotion. Re-read that last sentence. Do not dream of appealing to him on the basis of anything but the logic of your intentions if you want to sway or impress him. Within those limits, he is accessible to a greater degree than any other sign. He generally welcomes your input and objective viewpoint. Be sure to have one. No one is more disgusted than a Libra man by fawning. The Libra male would rather lead than follow, but if he finds himself in the position of employee he will likely serve as a sounding board and silent partner to his boss. Libra men will contribute to harmony in the work place and keep the lines of communication open.

The Libra man is all about balancing light and dark. No lives are more extreme than those of Libra men. For example, they may balance periods of celibacy with periods of indulgence. Periods of spiritual devotion are followed by periods of mundane activity. Somehow it all works out in the end. Being a Libra man is all about karma and maintaining social harmony.

The Libra symbol is a set of scales. It is the only sign that is not represented by a human or animal form which tells us that the dark side of a Libra man is cold and unfeeling. These men can suck the life out of anything with their relentless rationalizing. A bad Libra male will stop to think just when he should take action and may undermine ongoing efforts to progress with his devotion to analysis. Deep inside every Libra man is a people-pleaser trying to be all things to all people, which may result in a lack of integrity and self-respect.