Moon in Aquarius

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are electrifying and enlivening. Aquarius is an air sign so you keep a pleasant distance from others, like birds sitting on a wire. You never drag the room down with overflowing emotions, moods or Angst. Instead, you give perspective to others, sometimes with a jolt or shock and that is really your intent, to shock someone out of complacency. Alternative lifestyle is your middle name. You thrive on social interaction and leave each person a little higher than you found them. You hate the past, other than as a stepping stool, and focus steadfastly on the future and what could be. Other people may get tired of your dissatisfaction with the status quo but they understand you mean well and want to help. You inspire others at a distance. After you leave, they begin to think how they could be better, too. You energize the room like plugging in the lights. People have to get to know your love by witnessing your steadfast loyalty over a period of time. It isn’t touchy feely and no one person ever really gets to spend a lot of time with you. Since you were 5 years old you’ve had a long list of places to go and people to see. It isn’t light socializing. You want to enlist every one in your “Cause du Jour”. When anyone speaks about networking, they learned it from Aquarius Moon. You call people friends who don’t even remember where they met you and your Facebook page is approaching 1,000.

Your mantra is, “I see a better way.” Your eye is always open to the portals of universal energy. You see so much potential in a detached way, then mentally direct energy to conform to your vision and you never never never give up. Your greatest loyalty is to a better future. You envision, invent, enliven and shock. Just try not to batter them with your latest revolutionary political harangue. You’d think the people in Haiti and Afghanistan were more important to you than your own mother! You need space and remote control as far as loved ones are concerned because you are usually somewhere else. Your true love may be the Future. They invented the computer just for you. DOS is your second language. It makes ultimate sense to you to find a companion off a dating site, especially one like eHarmony where the computer does the matching. When someone complains to you about the “coldness” of the courtship, you look at them like they’re crazy.

What stresses you the most is the boring details of life. You can’t be bothered to stand in line at the motor vehicle department like the rest of us which is ironic because you’re the one who professes to believe we’re all equal. It drives you crazy to be put on hold and you are voted most likely to do something awful to the person who finally answers. You are also most likely to experiment with the microwave (one can only imagine) and to rig the dog up with a barking deterrent system of your own making.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened you reach for a drink or act out. You can get kinky with sex and rowdy in the bar. Woe be unto he who tries to restrain you.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign:
Aries Sun Aquarius Moon: Let’s colonize the Moon!
Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon: Stupefied by your own brilliance.
Gemini Sun Aquarius Moon: Conjoined twins?
Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon: Leader of the Clan.
Leo Sun Aquarius Moon: “I love myself. I think I’m grand. I go to the movie and hold my hand.”
Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon: If anyone really could build a better mousetrap, it’s you.
Libra Sun Aquarius Moon: When we get to the Moon, you can do the interior design.
Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon: Unibomber?
Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon: Inventing a better future based on understanding the past.
Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon: Believing in progress despite hard evidence to the contrary.
Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon: If only you could clone yourself.
Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon: You keep rudely awakening yourself.

Famous people with Moon in Aquarius: Jesus Christ, Marilyn Monroe, Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortensen, Sharukh Khan, Tony Blair, Mohamed Ali, Voltaire and Richard Wagner.