Moon in Aries

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are the burst of springtime, positive, life affirming, energetic .. a fireball in action! If others are asleep or out of focus, you push past them to the front of the line. You know what you want while others are still making up their minds (which you look at as wishy washy weakness)! You know what you want — the lion’s share of life – and living – so if others don’t belly up to the bar, you’ll gladly take their places as well, with no apologies. You are social Darwinism in action. You drink from the Fountain of Youth and will always shock people by how you disregard the concepts of aging, “settling down”, compromising and even the idea of “maturity”. You know what you want and you want what you want, when you want it! You’d be surprised how many people wander through life in a daze of confusion but you wouldn’t be interested in them anyway!

Your mantra is, “Me. Here. Now.” as the venerable astrologer Richard Idemon put it so succinctly. Of all people, you are the least introverted or self reflective. You live for the here and now and go instinctively for what you want, not giving a care to those around you unless they factor somehow into your scheme of things, for example, shoulders to stand on to get a better view. The only ‘team” you’ve ever heard of is the Winning Team. If you want someone in particular, you court them mercilessly until they have no choice but to give in. Romantically, you are quite irresistible. You feel like life is for the fittest and you give the rest of us permission to be bold and vivid present tense! The words “what if” and “but …” don’t exist in your vocabulary. Of all, you are least likely to be monogamous by nature or faithful by vow!

What stresses you the most is being caught in a situation where you can’t take action or in a set of circumstances that won’t improve! You hate coming in second and you will not play second fiddle. In love as in life, it’s all or nothing at all. You don’t like to be tied down or “fenced in” but if you do commit to something or someone nothing will shake you loose.

When you are pressured or stressed – you are never frightened even when you should be — you bust free. No one can keep you somewhere you don’t want to be.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign:
Aries Sun Aries Moon: General MacArthur storming the beach at Normandy.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon: Stubborn, wilfull and selfish; voted most likely to be in a battering relationship and stay in it.
Gemini Sun Aries Moon: An official member of the rat race which you will vehemently deny.
Cancer Sun Aries Moon: Lord Protector.
Leo Sun Aries Moon: The one and only true Knight in Shining Armor.
Virgo Sun Aries Moon: No one else can understand your weird ways but you make perfect sense to yourself.
Libra Sun Aries Moon: Born to lead!
Scorpio Sun Aries Moon: Tough as nails.
Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon: Give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above … (you know the rest).
Capricorn Sun Aries Moon: No one is better at milking the system.
Aquarius Sun Aries Moon: A law unto yourself, you are your own personal frontier.
Pisces Sun Aries Moon: The true romantic.

Famous people with Moon in Aries: Angelina Jolie, Marlon Brando, Salvador Dali, Charles de Gaulle, 2PAC, Al Capone, Cate Blanchett, Isabelle Huppert, Auguste Renoir and Jeffrey Dahmer.