Moon in Cancer

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are the most loving, giving and magnetic individual in the world. Your every gesture – including the “aaawwww” sympathy thing you’re famous for – says unconditional love and motherly total acceptance is being passed out here. You exude a natural calm, serenity and nurturing vibration that is nearly irresistible to world-weary fellow travelers on life’s highway. You are like a cool oasis on a very hot day. You are the person most likely to ask others, “How’s your mom doing these days?”, “Did you sleep well last night?” or “Wow! Do I see a freshly laid face this morning? Good for you!”

At the root of all this is your own wonderful mother whose abundant love spilled over you like moonbeams, the surfeit of which you now pass on to others. Indeed, it is this very same mother who is the center of your existence. Deep down inside, there will never be another. Your eyes glaze over when presented with your favorite meal, cooked just the way mother used to. Smells and sounds also transport you back into her arms as your body floods with feelings of warm nostalgia for those bygone days. You plan to help your mother for the rest of her life in return for all the good things she did for you.
All of this can be troublesome to your spouse who has to play second fiddle.

Your mantra is, “I comfort.” You are hands-down the biggest rescuer in the Zodiac. You can’t bear to see others suffer, whether financially or emotionally, and have probably learned the hard way to curb your tendencies to want to “make it all better” for everyone from 1 to 101. If you could, you really would tuck everyone in safely for the night.

What stresses you the most is not being able to help. In which case you can turn oddly cold. You are also genuinely insulted if someone you care for is in trouble and doesn’t ask for your help. Why? “That’s what I’m here for,” you say. Second most what stresses you are the smallest things almost ad absurdum, like having your sandwich come with mustard instead of mayonnaise, breaking a fingernail, finding a ¼ inch scratch on the bumper.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened you act like the biggest crybaby in the world. You whine, pout and even sulk until you finally get the sympathy you’re looking for. “Moody” is the word for men while women with Cancer Moon will shed a few tears for the audience if necessary.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign.
Aries Sun Cancer Moon: You’re a born leader of the pack.
Taurus Sun Cancer Moon: The most home loving person imaginable.
Gemini Sun Cancer Moon: You may give new meaning to the word neurotic!
Cancer Sun Cancer Moon: You can be a little bossy.
Leo Sun Cancer Moon: A regular Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy with a big candy heart!
Virgo Sun Cancer Moon: Best housekeeper or money minder in the universe?
Libra Sun Cancer Moon: An excellent strategist.
Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon: Superglue!!
Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon: Some remarkable artistic tendencies.
Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon: Born to take care of a family.
Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon: Never really knowing how close is too far to get away.
Pisces Sun Cancer Moon: Dreamy, introspective and a tad too inclined to suicide.

Famous people with Moon in Cancer: Keanu Reeves, Marion Cotillard, Kurt Cobain, Shakira, Penelope Cruz, Gwen Stefani, Prince William, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Sir Isaac Newton