Moon in Leo

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are the epitome of largesse … regal, generous, smiling benevolently on your kingdom, acting every inch the king or queen. You bask in the positive attention of your “subjects” and enjoy being a person of heroic proportions, bigger than life, maybe a bit better than everyone else (come on, now, admit it) and always ready to give advice, encouragement and approval in exchange for nothing less than abject adoration.

Many of you were the extreme favorite of a parent or grandparent or “special” as being the first born son or a child born after one who didn’t live. Some of you were conceived to tie the marriage together or to keep it from breaking apart. With all this comes extreme psychological pressure. It’s like a blessing that becomes a curse until you wake from the fairy tale.

Your mantra is, “I’m good.” What stresses you the most is being caught off guard or unprepared. If your greatest desire is to always look good, your greatest irritation is getting caught without your makeup (or mask) on. Nothing is more guaranteed to drive you through the roof. You will remain out of sorts for a long time after. For example, suppose you have the stage set for Thanksgiving dinner, guests invited for 2:30 … and … someone arrives at noon! You’d never get over it, so fragile is your ego and so much are you “on stage”. Lights, camera, action – you need all that attention – but not until you’ve memorized your lines, rehearsed and got your costume on.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened you act like a petty tyrant. All of a sudden you’re His or Her Majesty and have a list of ridiculous “entitlements” that would make everyone around you laugh out loud if they weren’t so intimidated by your pouty temper tantrums. A tempest in a teapot all to hide your shame and embarrassment at not being able to perform.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign.
Aries Sun Leo Moon: You’re a real winner – a super hero/heroine.
Taurus Sun Leo Moon: Let your heart lead you to a higher path than selfish greed.
Gemini Sun Leo Moon: This allows you to connect spiritually with the people who interest you.
Cancer Sun Leo Moon: Some of the sweetest people alive have this Raggedy Ann or Andy candy heart combination.
Leo Sun Leo Moon: Watch the melodrama. You can go from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Virgo Sun Leo Moon: One of the secret most winning combinations of the zodiac. Congratulations! You hit the jackpot … let’s see what good you can do with so much virtue.
Libra Sun Leo Moon: This combination can get a little bit imperious. Pretend for a moment that we aren’t all marching in your band. LOL. Use charm and diplomacy to win hearts and influence people.
Scorpio Sun Leo Moon: You’ve got unparalleled first and third acts but no second act at all. You’ve gotta figure out a way to keep them around longer so you have a cultivated and appreciative audience. Playing to an audience like that will bring out your godlike qualities.
Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon: One of the most benevolent and beloved creatures, you share every good thing that comes your way.
Capricorn Sun Leo Moon: Born to rule. Magnificent to behold. Bound to go down in history. (Stop blushing!)
Aquarius Sun Leo Moon: Your Evil Twin isn’t just out of control, s/he’s out to get you every single time! The motive is to turn you into the People’s Choice.
Pisces Sun Leo Moon: Never never wake up. Keep the dream alive for all of us.

Famous people with Moon in Leo: Tom Cruise, Mahatma Gandhi, Julia Roberts, Paul McCartney, Louis XIV, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II.