Moon in Libra

you’ve heard of the prostitute with the heart of gold. Now meet the courtesan with the steel mind. Stay with me now. You don’t have to be a woman to be a courtesan. Think of Cromwell in “The Tudors”or Ryan Seacrest on “American Idol”. Courtesans fill an important role in the world. They accompany someone of greatness and act as a feedback loop or diplomatic attaché. That’s what it’s like to have Moon in Libra. Male or female, when you are relaxed and most yourself you are the perfect companion, thoughtful, interested and interesting. You are polished in some way, maybe a knowledge of art or history. Perhaps you paint or play a musical instrument. Or maybe you know several foreign languages. You give the best advice in the world and have the gift of true objectivity so that you can see an experience from everyone else’s point of view, even while it is going on, a regular human “Roshomon”. You are courteous, gentile and mannerly but never weak. Why, you could have just walked out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel! You have a beautiful aesthetic, attractive appearance, ecsquisite grooming and a steel trap mind. Nothing of interest escapes you. You make a supreme strategist and business partner, the consummate politician. You are more likely to fly solo domestically and team up for work and play. Your war cry is, “Leave me alone!” but you rarely are. Your presence is such a prize.

Your mantra is “Keep it light. Keep it polite.” When someone gets heavy, too personal or negative, you can’t get far enough away fast enough. “How inappropriate,” you think! “Why didn’t their mothers give them better manners.” A personal problem? “Phrase it succinctly (that means no messy emotions, please) and take the good advice I’m going to give you so we never have to have this conversation again, OK?” You excel at forming a line, sitting still in uncomfortable clothes, treating the convenience store counter like a real person and reminding the rest of us to behave properly. You are the King Farouk of social skils. Chances are excellent that somewhere along the way you went to finishing school or took ballrooom dancing lessons. You are a popular favorite guest at any gathering because you can actually engage in conversation and you make a great host or hostess in your own right. You really have a knack for bringing the right mix of people together and only you know how hard it is to work an event! Last but not least, you can read minds.

What stresses you is crudeness and out of control emotions. You also hate to have your personal space invaded. And you can’t stand not getting recognition or appreciation from those you are helping or have helped and their name is Legion. You are always in need of validation from others and can be accused of trying to be all things to all people. You are often in a love triangle or between two warring forces.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened, you turn into the King or Queen of Passive Aggressive. You are famous for dumping or trashing – you unload on the other person the list you’ve been keeping for 15 years of all their transgressions. When you’ve finally had it, your temper is second only to Taurus Moon. You can turn so cold it’s almost inhuman. After all, yours is the only zodiac sign that doesn’t breathe.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign:
Aries Sun Libra Moon: “War and Peace”.
Taurus Sun Libra Moon: Gifted with all the graces of Venus, Goddess of Love.
Gemini Sun Libra Moon: Chatty Cathy? Talk show host?.
Cancer Sun Libra Moon: A machine.
Leo Sun Libra Moon: In love with all the trappings of love.
Virgo Sun Libra Moon: An extremely fine mind in an extremely fine body.
Libra Sun Libra Moon: Way too much of a good thing.
Scorpio Sun Libra Moon: Most likely to hate your own bad self.
Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon: Possibly the best mind reader and trend predictor in the zodiac.
Capricorn Sun Libra Moon: Beautifully sedate, you are the Godfather of practical advice.
Aquarius Sun Libra Moon: Quiz Whizz Kid.
Pisces Sun Libra Moon: Make love not war.

Famous people with Moon in Libra: Mel Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Sting, Madame Blavatsky, Alec Baldwin, Marie Antoinette, Ivan the Terrible, Rudolph Nureyev, Jane Austen and Dwight D. Eisenhower.