Moon in Pisces

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are the essence of unquestioning acceptance. You are wholly aware of the oceanic oneness of all human beings and exhibit the most tolerance of all the other signs put together. The really amazing thing is that not only do you accept and understand your fellow human beings, you have a seemingly endless tolerance for God and all the attributable “Acts of God” that the rest of us have a hard time stomaching like Haiti or Baby P in the UK.

Yes, I know you want me to tell everyone that you lived in Atlantis and maybe you did or another far away long ago magical place. Your feet never really touch the ground. Star Child, it can take you a lifetime to get used to the fact that some of the people you hold hands with molest little children, cheat on tests, kiss and tell, back out on business deals, use you with no qualms and kick you to the curb when done.

What you may not know is how much this gets in the way of using good judgment. Really perhaps your best role is that of The Victim which you can play to the hilt. I say “perhaps” because the rest of us can’t figure out when you’re pretending and when you’re for real. We also don’t know when you’re introducing your daughter as your sister, using the opposite sex’s public restroom, or texting at a funeral just what to make of you. Conversely, many a sociopath or borderline personality has taken advantage of your gullibility and never found a way to thank you.

Basically, then, you’re a part of everything and everyone and they’re a part of you, That can get downright complicated and may account for the weird look on your face. You are such a good listener .if only they knew you really don’t hear a thing … just the Music of the Spheres which is a polite way of saying you hear just what you want to hear. No one should ever accept you on a jury because your mind is already made up and furthermore you don’t really believe people mean to do bad or would if they really knew what they were doing.

You may pretend to honor logic and a well thought out strategy but the truth is you operate by a science fiction version of your own kind of sonar be it finding an address or solving an engineering problem. For you it’s really all about feeling good – trying to catch the Nexus.

Your mantra is, “I forget” which we all know is a door that swings two ways. What stresses you the most is being around unhappy people. Your tender heart feels their pain and wants to make it all better. Anyone from the car valet to your mother’s beautician’s granddaughter that you heard about two weeks ago but can’t get off your mind.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened you recoil in a combination of terror and distaste (“Oh, no, do we really have to deal with reality today!?”) and reach for the Sedative du Jour be it a drink, a drag, or a jerk. You always have such a funny look in your eyes afterwards, it’s a dead giveaway.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign.
Aries Sun Pisces Moon: The most romantic creature that ever lived.
Taurus Sun Pisces Moon: “I love myself. I think I’m grand. I go to the movie and hold my hand.”
Gemini Sun Pisces Moon: Ever heard of Rasputin?
Cancer Sun Pisces Moon: You’re so sweet, you could star in a retro Julie Andrews musical.
Leo Sun Pisces Moon: Sir Galahad? Parsifal and the Holy Grail? Maybe even some Cyrano De Bergerac thrown in.
Virgo Sun Pisces Moon: You might drive yourself crazy as you pick on yourself and then try to forgive yourself not only for what you did in the first place but for picking on yourself about it! Try to relax a little. Everyone else can see right through you so there’s nothing to hide.
Libra Sun Pisces Moon: I hope you are a decorator or a cosmetologist or an architect … something to make our world beautiful!
Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon: To love someone does not mean to engulf them – with love or curiosity. Other people deserve their own space and some privacy.
Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon: Super size it, please!
Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon: Have you ever seen the ancient glyph for Capricorn – a goat with a fish’s tail?
Aquarius Sun Pisces Moon: Many a creative genius had this placement. You can see forever!
Pisces Sun Pisces Moon: You may need a lot of time to yourself to process the vibes you get from others. A natural healer but reclusive.

Famous people with Moon in Pisces: Tom Cruise, Mahatma Gandhi, Julia Roberts, Paul McCartney, Louis XIV, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II.