Moon in Sagittarius

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are friendly, carefree, enthusiastic, funny and philosophical. You will help others but don’t want to get stuck with their downers. In your past lifetimes you went through the fires of hell burning off your ego and raising your own consciousness and you want nothing more than to enjoy the journey this time around. That means no dark complexity, no tumultuous passions, no possession, no obsession and most of all no hooks or bonds. You know only too well what these things lead to and you have learned exactly how to avoid them this time around. Basically you look at life as a journey and you are ferociously determined to enjoy it. This means carry-on luggage, stops for photo ops and throwing out the schedule or agenda. This is life by discovery. Your timing is so excellent that you always get the traffic cop who got laid last night or the I RS agent who’s quitting in two weeks and gives a s—. To the consternaiton of almost every one else, you luck out 100% of the time. If something bad happens to you, you shrug it off philosophically and try again. There is never a score sheet. You’re not trying to impress anyone. Think how Warrren Buffet, often the richest man in the world, lives and dresses. You basically could care less what others think of you. You actually like yourself just the way you are! And you’re not into intense relationships. If it’s working 80% — no maybe even just 70% , heck 50% — of the time, you’ll hang. Your room is always a mess. Your shirt hangs out. There’s probably a spot on your tie. Nobody can believe your taste. But there’s always a smile on your face and a big hello!

In love you’re looking for a pal, someone to travel with literally and figuratively. You’re lucky with money. You always have enough and seem to pull it out of nowhere because you certainly don’t focus on making a living. Several of the richest men in the world have Moon in Sagittarius. They earned it in past lives. This lifetime it’s just low hanging fruit! You feel like the lilies in the fields. Many of you are teachers or professors so you can get the most time off to travel!

Your mantra is “Freedom. Freedom from and freedom to” Life is nothing but an experience. We all wind up together in the same place, six feet under, so why burden yourself down with a bunch of stuff? It owns you. You are capable of profound insight, social commentary and influence for the good of all. You are the messenger that never gets killed.

What stresses you is being fenced in. That’s why you always drive yourself to the party. So you can leave anytime you want. You hate confinement and in a certain sense you also hate commitment because it cuts off future options. You also want to think for yourself and can be a positive influence on many others by being able to share your thoughts freely.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened, you run like O J! If you can’t leave, you pace. If you can’t pace, you get really, really weird!

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign:
Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon: You are the archer. You are the bow. And you are the arrow…Zennnnnnnn
Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon: Happy with yourself like a pig in mud.
Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon:. Happy with yourself like a baby playing with his own feet!
Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon: Grandparent to us all!
Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon: Santa Claus teaching world history for the University at Sea.
Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon: An elegant mind.
Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon: Only you could rat yourself out!
Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon: Metaphysician.
Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon: Don’t fence me in. Don’t bring me down. Don’t crowd me. And have a nice day.
Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon: Living in a future better time and making it work.
Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon: The world is a many splendoured thing.

Famous people with Moon in Sagittarius: Aristotle Onassis, Donald and Ivana Trump, Warren Buffet, Howard Hughes, Matisse, Tiger Woods, Casanova, Magellan, Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Michael Jordan, Anthony Hopkions, Saddam Hussein, Thomas Jefferson, Kahlil Gibran, Socrates, Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Dante and Thomas Edison.