Moon in Taurus

When you are relaxed and most yourself you are like the grassy plains of the US midwest on a gorgeous summer day or a full Moon on a beautiful spring evening. You are the blush on the rose, the lily that doesn’t need gilding. You are my grandmother’s vast front yard, lush with thick carpet grass and treasure troves of birds, insects, frogs and toads, all living together in harmony. That was before she died and the church across the street paved it over for parking. You are a perfect moment caught in time, a painting of inexpressible loveliness and contentment, one on which no one could improve and everyone wants hanging in their living room. Never mind that nothing lasts forever, That’s a secret the rest of us can’t seem to get across to you — your capacity to change with the flow is severely limited. Nothing in real life stays the way you left it and you are the embodiment of resistance to that simple fact. You remind us all how much we are forever hoping it has or will. We forgive you your innocence because we need a place for that somewhere in this weary world. You are the Garden of Eden, the magnificent Empress card in the Tarot deck, the perfect life that existed before the Snake. You summon the Snake eventually for reasons of your own but all that psychological complexity seems like a big bother to you.

Your mantra is, “Let it be.” You don’t want to come home and find the furniture rearranged. You are voted most likely to have the same hairstyle you did in high school or insist that your wife does. You are also most likely to marry your high school sweetheart. You are basically too lazy to get divorced so it’s done TO you ten times out of ten. Most likely to be caught masturbating, you somehow manage to remain an island unto yourself no matter how long you’ve been married. Your mate doesn’t notice for a long time because you seem so domestic. Your trademark is the blush which makes you quite irresistible to the opposite sex. Your second favorite thing besides sex, I mean masturbating, is money. I forget who said it but nobody stays for free at the Taurus motel – ass, gas or grass! Materialistic to the very core, you absolutely love your stuff and the word to emphasize is your stuff. You identify with your possessions. You seem to have missed the week in kindergarten where they taught us about sharing. Deep down inside where stuff is concerned you feel it’s every man for himself. When some poor long suffering spouse finally divorces you, you drag the settlement out longer than the marriage. If one of your parents remarries you fight the step parent for your inheritance until you’re practically dead yourself. Your third favorite thing is your own body and its “needs”. You want a full stomach, sensual pleasure, a good night’s sleep and you are voted by far the most likely to discuss your bowel movements. Moving right along … You are also least likely to see a psychiatrist, counselor or astrologer so I’m pretty certain none of you will ever read this. Basically you think people can be owned, too, and you expect your spouse to act that way.

What stresses you is change, someone touching your stuff, having to miss a meal (God forbid!) and being rushed. You think just because you like to watch the grass grow everyone else does. You are forever being left on shore while the tide goes out. You excel at the most routine jobs and plow through your day as the ox plows. If anybody messes with any of this, your temper is absolutely lengendary, the worst in the zodiac.

When you are pressured, stressed or frightened – which is quite often — you become an immovable object. Mostly people get tired of trying with you and just go away which suits you fine. Then you can get back to plowing the field, eating “right” (whatever that means), making money and getting more stuff.

How to use this energy with your Sun Sign:
Aries Sun Taurus Moon: Stubborn and possessive, you can be the absolute tyrant.
Taurus Sun Taurus Moon: The best pre-Rafaelite painting you’ve ever seen.
Gemini Sun Taurus Moon: Hard to imagine … a cross between an ox and a cat??
Cancer Sun Taurus Moon: Fertile.
Leo Sun Taurus Moon: The Emperor who had no clothes.
Virgo Sun Taurus Moon: Productive, virtuous and pleasantly businesslike.
Libra Sun Taurus Moon: Born to be aesthetic.
Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon: Most likely to be seduced.
Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon: More than half animal.
Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon: Most likely to be materialistic, “realistic”, sober and insufferable.
Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon: Ferdinand the Bull stars in a Quentin Tarentino movie.
Picses Sun Taurus Moon: So in love with me, myself and I.

Famous people with Moon in Taurus: Quentin Tarentino, Mother Theresa, Christine Aguilera, Che Guevara, Queen Elizabeth I of England, the Princes Charles and Henry and Daniel Day-Lewis.