Pisces Female

Every movie star has a little bit of Pisces – glamour, fantasy, allure – everything that makes Hollywood what it is. Pisces women have a soulful quality that makes them very attractive to the opposite sex. They often act as muses for artists and inspire creative genius

A Pisces woman is always in love and often willing to suffer for it. She will forgive almost anything in someone she adores to the point of self-sacrifice. The capacity of Pisces women to feel and emote can be overwhelming, and you may feel drowned in a sea of emotion or hypnotized by magnetic powers should a Piscean female open the floodgates of her heart and pour out her soul in a show of devotion. It’s an amazing and awesome experience. If you are really looking for a soul mate, Pisces women can deliver like no other sign in the Zodiac.

It may be challenging to get a Pisces woman on a routine, but the female Pisces employee can be a pleasure to work with. She is good with people, sensitive, psychic, and brings a gentle influence into the office environment. Like the fish of the Zodiac, female Pisces employees tend to “school” with their colleagues. They’re rarely disruptive or out of synch. The Pisces woman for a boss is likely to be a little absent-minded. She may need help sticking to a schedule or arriving on time for appointments. She is likely to be dearly loved by co-workers and underlings who will easily forgive minor faults such as procrastination and tardiness. One amazing quality of Pisces women is the tendency of others to project onto them all sorts of magic powers. You may find that every employee experiences the female Pisces supervisor very differently.

The spiritual journey of a Pisces woman is reverse magnetic. They must learn to live in this world and not of it. They are highly developed spiritually but need to discover means of survival and things like daily routine, holding a job, balancing the checking account, paying taxes, and eating healthy foods. They offer a redemptive compassion to all those around them in a quasi-saintly manner. While the Pisces woman’s ability to embrace all humanity is truly touching, they are here to learn to distinguish between the worthy and unworthy.

The complete disintegration of self and reality are possible when a Pisces woman loses all grounding. Their absent-mindedness is generally limited to a lost cell phone, misplaced keys, or at worst a series of bounced checks, but negative Piscean energy can devolve into a free for all of negated responsibility, poor health, neglected hygiene, and unrealistic fantasies. At worst, this can lead to a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse, cult devotion, religious fanaticism, or mental illness.