Pisces Man

Dreamy, poetic, and romantic, a Pisces man slips into your life, takes you by the hand, and shows you a beautiful world you never knew existed. This man really believes in soul mates and sensitivity and will make your dreams come true.

You will think that you have met your soul mate because a male Pisces lover knows instinctively how to please you. You’ll feel he’s not only reading your mind but looking into the depths of your soul. Just be careful. He’s probably doing that to a few other people, too. And he has no qualms about it. Pisces men love to be controlled. They appreciate a dominating presence in their life, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom. These men will slip through your fingers like the fish that represent them. If you want to keep him around, try making yourself indispensable: help him balance his checking account, make playlists on his iPod, threaten to clean up his diet, and just generally exude good mental health.

Most Pisces men are honestly horrified at the idea of work. Can you picture a fish in a harness? All he wants to do is slip away or retire early. The best jobs for Pisces men are in fields of glamour, fantasy, and allure. You may adore your male Pisces boss because he is so artistic and sweet. If he notices you at all, he will probably anticipate your every need, making sure you have the right keyboard options or flexible hours to meet your personal needs. Then he will ignore you again for long periods of time. The Pisces man as an employee may be the cross that you have to bear. You are stuck with a fish. Trying to produce results is like whipping someone with a wet noodle. Just give him enough rope to hang himself. Even his loyalty is questionable. And trust me, his mind is elsewhere.

Pisces men are here to remind us of the mystical side of life and the power of imagination. At its best, Piscean energy absolves us of all our worldly concerns and sends us refreshed back into the stream of life. With an abundant supply of spiritual energy, A male Pisces’ real challenge is to stay grounded. Previous lifetimes in Atlantis are fascinating, but he still needs to pay his bills and hold down a job.

Instead of appreciating his gift for living in two worlds, the afflicted Pisces man rejects both. Many are lost in the past and drowning in sorrow. His challenge in life is to be happy where he is. If he gives up on this struggle, he may lose himself in escapism. This may take the form of suicide threats, drug and alcohol abuse, or victimization. The antidote is to build faith as a bulwark against despair.