Sagittarius Female

Long, leggy, and athletic, Sagittarius women love their freedom and are open to all the possibilities of life. If you happen to come across a specimen in the wild, you may prefer to observe at a distance for a while before making a move. Taming these creatures takes patience, positive rewards, and the promise of even more open spaces to come.

For the Sagittarius woman, love can be a sport. She is likely to be spontaneous, full of fun, relaxed, casual, and oriented toward a win-win scenario. The only courtship technique you need is honesty and an open heart. Other signs of the Zodiac may play hard to get or hide their feelings with diplomacy, restraint, or caution. Unlike them, a Sagittarius woman will tell you exactly how she feels. If you can’t handle that, don’t come calling. She has nothing to hide and you’d better not, either. The way to her heart is through a foreign country. It would help if you speak another language, too.

If you happen to see a Sagittarius woman at work, call the evening news. She’s more often found traveling or enjoying the outdoors then holding down a 9-5 job. Obviously the answer is to combine work, outdoors, and adventure. Sagittarius women belong leading safaris, pursuing independent research projects, taming other animals, or in other professions which allow flexible scheduling and long vacations, such as higher education, writing, or some of the arts. It is unlikely that a Sagittarius female would want to boss anyone. They hate being responsible for anybody else, but if you do have a Sagittarius woman for a boss don’t bother them with details, routines, or a boring list of expectations. The female Sagittarius employee needs first of all the right job and secondarily a long leash. If you have any tasks that require synthesis, pattern recognition, prediction of trends, marketing strategy, or teaching, you will find the Sagittarius woman’s intuition a great value. In any environment, the female Sagittarius needs the space to tell the truth. Try to appreciate their insight.

Sagittarians worship the truth. They look for it high and low. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you are looking for an honest person, you have found one. Embodying this ideal in a world shrouded with falsehood and duality is a special spiritual path for the Sagittarian woman.

The immature Sagittarius is all over the place and nowhere in particular. Truth worship leads to foot in mouth disease and their hyper-developed ethical system means perpetual disappointment with others. Sagittarius women can also be hypocrites who know better but are self-indulgent. Their intelligence and education can make them arrogant, impatient know-it-alls.