Sagittarius Man

Somewhere between priest and clown, the Sagittarius man is always on the move with his heart on his sleeve. You might recognize him by his friendly gesture when he sees you across the room. Friendship and freedom are both indispensable for the male Sagittarius.

“Don’t fence me in” is the war cry of the Sagittarius male. To keep him in your sights, show an interest in adventure, sports, nature, outdoors, and big animals. His favorite subject is philosophy, and he likes to give advice. But you should be aware that despite his educated persona, he was really raised in a barn. Be prepared for him to knock his coffee cup over on your new carpet or trip on the way to meeting your parents for the first time. As a lover, your Sagittarius man will be friendly rather than ardent, casual rather than selective, and happy with just about anything as long as you don’t try to control him. Basically he likes to sweep all unpleasantness under the rug. You should, too. He’s got a happy life and prides himself on his sunny disposition. If a Sagittarius male thinks you’re going to bring him down, you’ll see how fast a four-legged creature can run.

Sagittarius men are hard to pin down. They are usually found in careers that offer the maximum amount of freedom and vacation and a minimum amount of desk duty. Travel, recreation, summer camp, publishing, marketing, and sales are attractive to the Sagittarius man because he can come and go as he pleases. Sagittarius men as bosses are indifferent since they never wanted to be in charge anyway. The male Sagittarius employee will be hard to keep up with. What is he up to now? When is he coming back? Here is the guy who refuses to sign in and sign out because he does not want to be tracked. If you’re stuck supervising one, try not to take it too seriously because he never will. Give the Sagittarius man space to tell the truth and let him use his intuition. You may find his creativity and intuition a valuable asset.

“Zealot” describes the spiritual path of the Sagittarius men. Here is a seeker of truth looking for an intuitive experience of the divine. Because of his openness to being inspired, many a Sagittarius man is afire with messages from above and has a great deal of truth to share. Sagittarius men need to talk about their transcendental experiences (but should avoid trying to convert people).

Think of the last arrogant, pompous, know-it-all you encountered. He probably had some afflicted Sagittarian energy. Sagittarius men are so smart they can begin to think that no one else knows anything. Their quest for the truth may end in an opinion, belief, or viewpoint that they must share with others and that others must share with them to the point that no other opinions will be tolerated. His love for freedom can lead him from one green pasture to the next. If the Sagittarius male is not careful to keep all four feet on the ground, his life will pass without him having ever made a commitment to anyone or anything.