Scorpio Female

Scorpio women have the reputation of being very sexual and powerful. They take love very seriously. Woe be unto those who betray their trust. For those who pass the infamous loyalty tests of these Scorpio females, there is a deep and abiding bond that transcends the ordinary.

For a Scorpio woman sex is religion. It means much more to her than it probably does to you, and you should be aware that she will not take it lightly if you are disloyal or casual in your mating process. Courtship is not so necessary as intensity and ability to merge completely, body and soul. This is appealing to some, to others not so much. You will be sorry if you play hard to get, try to pique her interest by flirting with others, or turn suddenly and inexplicably fickle. Love is not a game to the Scorpio female.

Scorpio women should work in a potentially transformative environment where research uncovers valuable information, people are in crisis, or change is inevitable and ongoing. If they choose any other kind of work, they will unconsciously create these situations, which can be dysfunctional. Whether employee or boss, a true Scorpio woman always works alone. Their tendency is to throw their whole self into the job, to move heaven and earth to accomplish what is required, and then present it to you as the gift of your believing in them. Their stamina and ability to keep secrets are legendary, but so is their sting. Careful that you stay on their “good side” and be aware of their hidden agendas (there is always one).

Scorpio women have to take the dark and the light together to reach the heavens. Their path is known as the via negativa. They must visit some pretty dark and scary places to gather the power for transformation that they seek in a religious experience. The process is private and personal. It is emotional, all consuming, and agonizing, but she will emerge with a cathartic purification that approaches a renewal of innocence and seems to be a true rebirth.

Scorpio women carry within them a powerful urge to transform and heal, but when not properly directed they can undermine solely for the sake of destruction with no positive purpose. Many female Scorpios sink to revenge, violence or manipulation as last resort techniques of dealing with their tumultuous passions. They can draw dark, disturbed people into their force field to work out complicated psychological issues and may use their powerful perception to dismantle others’ fragile psyches out of an uncontrollable compulsion to corrupt innocence.