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Scorpio Male

Male Traits

Scary, scary Scorpio man. At least heíd like you to think he is. These men are magnetic, compelling, and mysterious with a hint of danger. If youíve ever been vibed out by one, you know what Iím talking about.

Scorpio men have the reputation of being sex-driven maniacs, obsessed with libido and conquest. But the truth is many of them are capable of long periods of celibacy until they find the kind of sex they are looking for. To a Scorpio man, sex is religion, and finding the right partner is everything. Most Scorpio men will wait patiently stalking their chosen prey rather than take whatever happens to come along. If you want to be involved with a Scorpio man, take sex very seriously, sort of like jumping on the funeral pyre. Donít laugh or make unnecessary noises. Youíll ruin the moment for him.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so these natives are happiest in middle management carrying out the orders from above. They are dependable and reliable, especially about confidences, trade secrets, and the like. The Scorpio man as a boss probably has extreme work ethics. Woe be unto you if your work is careless or dishonest. He himself will do or die, and he expects nothing less from you. His productivity may be prodigious. His supervision is likely to be relentless until you prove yourself worthy of his trust. Whatever you do, donít show weakness. If he detects vulnerability of any kind, heíll sweep down from above and rip you apart with his talons. The Scorpio male employee is fully committed to an honest dayís work. He is proud of his self-discipline and productivity. He works alone. Donít waste praise because heíll take it as empty flattery. He prides himself on self-motivation. Did you read what I wrote about weakness and the male Scorpio boss? The same goes for male Scorpio employees. If you are supervising one, donít let your guard down.

As Iíve said, sex is religion to the Scorpio male. These men are seeking the ultimate experience in sex, a loss of personal will and a cathartic merging with another soul. This is the urge of many religions, as well. The second favorite spiritual path is the pursuit of power. Provided he stops just short of manipulation, self-mastery is the ultimate goal.

Scorpio men need to learn the difference between playing God and being God. Their intensity and vast inner resources do make them powerful individuals capable of incredible discipline and willpower, even a sort of mind control over others. Some weaker Scorpios are seduced by these qualities and go over to the dark side. The vast powers of these natives are then used to destroy, torture, and annihilate rather than heal and complete. At worst, these men look for opportunities to corrupt and maim just for sport.

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