Taurus Female

Taurus females are placid and sensuous. They are among the loveliest in the Zodiac, but you better have your act together when you come courting. Taurus women have a no-nonsense policy when it comes to personal entanglements.

If you love her, give her nice things. Taurus women make wonderful wives and should be courted with offers of a full stomach, a full bank account, and a home they can turn into a private hedonistic paradise. Everything about a Taurus woman says keep it real and keep it coming steady. You must realize if you fall in love with her that she can get along perfectly well without you. Don’t think for a minute that the romance and fluff will ever be enough. You must provide and protect on an on-going basis to impress her. Plush suits her just fine as she is devoted to her creature comforts. Texture is important. A velvet pillow would be nice or silk sheets or a foamy milk bath to get her in the mood.

Taurus is the work horse of the Zodiac. A female Taurus assistant or manager can be like a pack mule hauling a heavy load over rocky terrain with an attitude of quiet determination. No work is too hard for a dedicated Taurus woman if the rewards are monetarily appropriate. Taurus women like to have their territory carefully defined. You must tell her what is expected of her and try not to change the rules after she gets started. If you work for a Taurus woman, be careful not to interrupt her precipitously or ask for changes in routine, even if they might improve the product. Taurus women have the worst temper in the Zodiac, so don’t rub her the wrong way. What she is looking for is results, and she would rather not have anything to do with you until you’ve got them.

Taurus women are the queens of ritual and nature magic. In essence they look at life as ritual so that something like cleaning the house or gardening can be an act of devotion. There has to be a physical component to their spiritual grace, something they can put their hands on and move around to remind them of their connection to the divine. Every May Day celebration was once a Taurus ritual ceremony.

Stuck, boring, stubborn, and impossible. That’s the downside of Taurus. Basically Taurus women win in life by not giving in. They will hold out longer than you, draw the line firmer than you, and never take their attention off what it is they want, so don’t ever expect to win in a long term contest. Their resistance to change is legendary. You better not throw out her stuff in the garage, even if you think it’s just junk. A Taurus woman can also identify with her own possessions, so don’t think that you can just hop on her bicycle and go for a ride. For a Taurus female, that can be grounds for desertion.