Taurus Man

Taurus Male

The Taurus male is as reliable as the Rock of Gibraltar. He does not like change, so please don’t rearrange the furniture. He wants to find it just where he left it. He wants to find you there, too. Taurus men can be very possessive, but the protection that goes along with it can make the relationship worthwhile.

When we think Taurus men, we think all night long. The male Taurus lover has endurance and sensuality galore. You will receive steady attention, loads of affection, hand-holding, hugs, and his physical proximity whether in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Taurus men don’t do anything for nothing. If you’re being courted by a Taurus male, he’ll be serious, make his intentions clear, and he’ll back up his words with acts which are steady and reliable. What he lacks in excitement, he’ll make up for in fidelity. Be sure to satisfy his physical needs if you want to keep him around.

Taurus men are willing to do just about anything for money. They do not require excitement, interest, flexibility or creativity, just money. The Taurus man as a boss is willing to pay handsomely for your efforts, but do not expect any rewards except financial. Most Taurus men are people of few words and not noted for expressing emotions like appreciation or gratitude. The male Taurus boss can be maddeningly predictable, but then if you know what time he goes to lunch everyday you can play while the bull’s away. Most male Taurus bosses are productive and practical in their approach to work. You may find yourself in a no frills environment with excellent benefits and a well-thought out program for advancement. Taurus men as employees can be a dream come true, except perhaps for lacking initiative. They are capable of repetitive tasks and may prefer working with their hands. They will perform as much work as you care to pile on their backs, but be sure to offer commensurate compensation.

The spiritual path of every Taurus male is to learn to trust the world beyond the five senses. The mysteries of the universe await. Sometimes it is easier to approach the divine through a guided path such as a formal religion. Taurus men may be attracted to religions with guidelines or rules which pave the way to belief and trust.

The warped Taurus man can be a hedonist, over-indulging all five senses. He may do everything in excess and greedily chase all physical pleasures but find satisfaction in none. He is famous for promising the moon and stars and pulling back into his own world where every man is truly an island. Of all the signs, a Taurus man is the one most likely to leave you standing at the altar.