Virgo Female

Virgo females, believe it or not, are one of the catches of the Zodiac. If you want to know what makes this modest lady so popular as a partner, you’ll just have to take the time to get to know her. She’ll win you over with her womanly ways.

Virgo women are picky themselves and will expect that in a partner. Cleanliness is a must. Neatness counts a lot: car, clothes, and teeth included. Virgo women tend to show their love by acts of devotion, which may be a mystery to everyone else, but reciprocity is expected. Try to think of something you can do over and over again that demonstrates how important she is. Any gifts should be the ultimate in sophistication and absolutely appropriate. Her taste is precise and easily offended. Virgo is the sign of the vestal virgin, but there is nothing virginal about this woman. Yet she is extremely choosy, and you will have to meet her particular high standards to get to first base.

You may think you have won the employee lottery by hiring a Virgo woman, and you have, with two caveats: her perfectionism, which may get in the way of productivity, and the fact that she will become nervous and fretful if you put too much pressure on her. Remember a Virgo woman likes to work alone. She will follow your lead, but she expects you to exit stage left when it’s time to tackle the task at hand. Female Virgo bosses proliferate in the fashion industry, where their fussiness and perfectionism are legendary. Coco Chanel was a Virgo and Anna Wintour has prominent Virgo energy. To win them over, be sure to show attention to detail and a slavish devotion to their fetishes which may take the form of peculiar rules regarding words, punctuation, numbers, formatting, style guides, texture, patterns, grooves, and the tidiness of work space.

This is the sign that brings the divine down into daily life. Here is the Zen Goddess who does everything with her whole self, making everyday chores sacred acts. Mother Theresa was a Virgo, for example. While Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces revels in the mysterious, unexplainable, and imaginative side of the cosmos, the Virgo woman is the word processor who grounds her spiritual visions through typing and filing.

Shadow Side
Perfectionism can be a real problem for Virgo women. Being human means having imperfections, and Virgo females can be short on forgiveness and slow to get over the slightest disappointment. This woman can be preoccupied with digestion, diet, and cleanliness and may even become consumed with criticism, chronic imaginary ailments, and inconsequential details. Many Virgo women are brilliant and focused, but some will struggle with mental health issues. For them, the concept of holistic healing and meditating on the mind-body connection may prove helpful