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Virgo Male

Male Traits

Many of the most alluring movie stars are Virgo men. It is a very sexy sign. But this is also the sign of the flirt. Many Virgo males prefer to remain bachelors and enjoy the attention of a wide circle of female admirers. Think Keanu Reeves and Hugh Grant.

Virgo men are very discriminating. Many even choose celibacy. As lovers, they are fastidious and efficient, being sure to touch all the bases. Read this next sentence really carefully. They are very concerned about personal hygiene and contagious diseases of all kinds. You must share this concern if you want to get to first base. Floss, floss, floss. Clean under your fingernails. Detail the car. God forbid you should run out of toilet paper when he’s over to visit. You get the idea. A male Virgo lover can be sensitive, tender, and accommodating. When you soothe his nerves with attention to detail, he can reward you with an exquisite sensual experience.

The Virgo man lives to work, but he doesn’t think of it as drudgery like you and I do. It is his calling, a way of giving purpose to his life. That is why so many Virgos are picky about their work to the point of wanting absolute dominion over their efforts. Many Virgo men become experts at something and remain in control of their work world. The Virgo man as a boss can be a perfectionist, hard to please, picky, and impossible, but nevertheless you are being given an opportunity to participate in something extraordinary if he is really as good at what he does as it seems. His perfectionism can be catching. The male Virgo employee is ideal as long as originality and creativity are not in demand. The Virgo man will stick to the guidelines, follow the rules, and meet all deadlines with a smile.

Virgo men are natural worshippers, pure in spirit and sincere in their search for the divine which they find in everyday life. Virgo men are here to teach us that work is the ongoing expression of love in action. The spiritual path of the Virgo man is personal and private. Nothing is done for recognition or attention, but rather to satisfy an ongoing longing to be of service to the higher power.

Nervous wreck meets utter chaos. When Virgo man lets go of control things go south quickly. The Virgo male can become very critical, fanatically focused, and absurdly concerned with the smallest detail. Phobias are not uncommon, coupled with free-floating anxiety. Their usual health concerns can spiral out of control and become hypochondriacal demons which are addressed through strange diets, all sorts of purging, and specific little rituals peculiar to him.

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