Your Moon Sign

Your Default Mode

Most people know their Sun Sign but another Sign is just as important, your Moon Sign. Indeed the Moon is so important that two people can’t live happily ever after unless their Moons are compatible. They can be best friends, lovers, friends with privileges, even co-parents but they cannot live together under one roof for long unless their Moons embrace.

The Moon is the oldest place in your birth chart. It reflects ancient timeless time, time spent in the womb and every past life wrapped up into one.

The Moon is like the back of your head. It is so much of what you are that you seldom have any awareness of it at all. Anyone interested in full self awareness needs to know where their Moon is and what it characterizes. Anyone who wants to love and support another person needs to know their Moon Sign. And of course if you want to “nail” someone else, learn about their Moon sign and you have them at their most vulnerable.

Knowing the Moon Sign of someone you’re negotiating with – buying from or selling to – can be especially helpful. Knowing their Moon Sign can enable you to appeal to them appropriately and motivate their cooperation. It allows you to hit below the belt, so to speak, or talk to them inside their own head.

It is an esoteric truth in astrology. Your Sun Sign is what you aspire to be but your Moon Sign is who you are.

To fully understand yourself, you also need to know your Spiritual Life Purpose [or North Moon Node]. Please click here to order your customized Spiritual Life Purpose.

The Moon shows what you’re like when you’re the most relaxed and comfortable. Since it is the oldest part of you, it also describes where you go when you feel most pressured, stressed or frightened. For example, my Moon is in cool Libra while my Sun is in fiery Leo. Once I took a job ill-suited to my personality, a job in politics. I was really miserable. One day I noticed that I’d decorated my office in blue, a Libran comfort color.

Some people are so full of Moon energy that they are really Moon People. These beautiful creatures prefer a bath in moonlight rather than the harsh glare of the sun. They prefer the night, the subtle, the indirect. They prefer to be reflective rather than to project. They play their cards close to their chest. They believe in magic, get moody and have uncanny psychic abilities.

How to identify yourself as a Moon person regardless of what sign your Moon is in:

You resonated immediately with what I just wrote
Your Sun or Rising Sign is in Cancer
Your Moon is- in Cancer or Pisces- the 12th house- near your North Node
You were born around midnight
Your Saturn is in Cancer or the 4 house
You were born between 1902-1915 and your Sun is in Cancer
You were born between1915-1928 and your Sun is in Leo
You were born between 1928-1942 and your Sun is in Virgo
You were born bewteen1942-1956 and your Sun is in Libra
You were born between 1956-1970 and your Sun is in Scorpio
You were born between 1970-1984 and your Sun is in Sagittarius
You were born between 1984-1998 and your Sun is in Capricorn
You were born between 1998-2012 and your Sun is in Aquarius

Now it’s time to find out more about your individual Moon Sign. Learn what the most relaxed part of you is like, your default mode or fallback position. Learn what stresses you most and what to do about it. Discover how you can react unconsciously when stressed, exhausted or frightened and how you can center yourself again.

My Moon Sign interpretations are unlike any others you’ll read on the Internet. I think you’ll find them electrifyingly accurate.

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